The amount of decorating time put into each cake is the main element impacting the price of it. A smaller cake will not necessarily be less expensive than a larger one if the same number of decorating hours is required to create both cakes, which is why we seldom make cakes smaller than 15 servings.

Another factor to consider for a sculpted cake is that the number of servings is used only as a reference for what the minimum amount of cake you require. However, the shape and design will actually determine how much cake we need to work with to achieve your desired result. This is why we charge per project rather than per serving.

We don’t have a set price list for our cakes, but here is our starting prices:


Single-tiered cakes from $200
Two-tiered cakes from $350
Three-tiered cakes from $550
Four-tiered cakes from $750

Sculpted (3D) cakes start at $300; car-shaped cakes start at $400

Miniature wedding cakes (see photo 11 of our wedding cakes gallery) from $16 with a minimum order of 48 units

Hand-modelled Sugar Figurines

Bride & Groom from $200/pair
Adults and characters from $75
Children from $60
Animals from $50

Once we have discussed all the details of your design, we will provide you with a proper quote. Considering the starting prices, you can also determine your maximum budget and we will explore other cake design options within that budget.

Minimum of $200 on all orders