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Reflections – Working on Stations

After a small hiatus, we are back on the reflections assignment. Meaning write on this blog my thoughts about of what is happening at Pastry School. The funny thing is, so much has happened that if I had time I would have content to write every single day. But I don’t.

We have been making a lot of different recipes and it’s been fun (and exhausting, but mostly fun) to work with tarts, breads, biscuits and other items I don’t offer here at Berliosca Cake Boutique. And I take lots of pictures.  Despite being teased about it by my classmates, without the pictures I think I would loose a lot of what happens in the kitchen-classroom.

So, to recap, first we worked in groups of 4, then in pairs, and now we are on our own. They call it stations, and they are separated by the method of baking learned previously. There is a list of products for each station and we are required to make at least 3 recipes every day. At the end of the day all products are packaged and sold at the school store. All culinary programs supply the store, and items are sold at a very reasonable price. I believe it’s just the cost of the ingredients but I can’t be sure. Anyway it’s very cheap. Students can set aside products they want to buy, which is great, because once we arrive at the store there is a huge crowd that barely waits until the items are put on the shelves and things goes fast.

At the Creaming Method/One Stage & Muffin Method Station I made muffins, loaves, and cookies. Then I moved to the Biscuits and Pie Dough Station, where I made blueberry, pecan, cherry, apple and pumpkin pies. I also made quiche and brought them home. It was nice to have dinner cooked during school time, multi-tasking! I am currently at the Yeast Dough Station making tons of bread. We do not have a tons of different recipes of bread, so we end up repeating some throughout the week. Next I’ll be at the last station, honing my knife skills and taking care of the proofer, ovens and packaging.

The funny thing is I had four different instructors in the past 3 weeks. While they are all very knowledgeable they have very different style of teaching which is great considering that we never know what type of boss you will get after school. Wait a minute I know; I will still be my own boss! So for me it’s a great way of getting exposed to different pastry chefs without having to work in different pastry shops.

We have at ton of mishaps, which are great learning opportunities. Like when I forget to add sugar to the carrot and zucchini muffins. No sugar at all. And one could assume by now, running a cake boutique it was not my first time baking muffins… Well, I do not know how it happened, but in the end we all have a good laugh of the newly invented sugar-free muffins.

It’s late now and I have a test tomorrow, so I got to go. But I’ll be posting more pictures, so you all can see what is going on there.