Archives for July 2010

Almost Organic Cupcakes

While we prefer to use our usual, familiar, top-quality ingredients in Berliosca cakes, we try to be flexible when customers have particular requests.

Elle’s mom, Deidre, knew exactly what kind of ladybug cupcakes she wanted after enjoying Berliosca’s cakes at two parties she had attended in the past.

For Elle’s birthday, Deidre wanted 100% organic. Vancouver is a great place to find organic products such as butter, milk, and eggs, but a supplier in California specializing in natural and organic food had to be contacted for her food colouring.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to get them shipped to Vancouver to be a part of Berliosca’s first 100% organic cupcakes. Elle’s ladybugs were as organic as possible under the circumstances.


Cassette & Record Players

Who would have guessed that stereos and record players could be such a popular theme for cakes?

For Berliosca, it all started with the boom box cake for Monte’s 80’s-themed birthday party.

From that portable cassette player, we moved on to an old-fashioned turntable to celebrate Tony’s greatest hits, as well as his 60th birthday.

The next request was for a more modern turntable—a Pioneer CDJ-2000 to be precise—to celebrate DJ Darkness’ birthday.

After that, AM 650 radio had Berliosca do up another vintage record player for their big anniversary bash.

And just when we thought we were done, we got a request to make yet another turntable, this time a Panasonic SL-1200MK5, to celebrate Paige’s 21st.

What we loved about this last one was how K was so specific about the extra details on the figurine that represented his girlfriend.

He wanted features like her hat and favourite outfit to be perfect (how many guys out there can identify their girlfriend’s favourite outfit?), and he was particularly careful about making sure the figurine would be as skinny/fit as Paige is (otherwise he’d be in BIG trouble).