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Based on a T-Shirt


Madeline’s aunt contacted Berliosca all the way from New York to order her birthday cake. Happily, the party was in Vancouver, so we didn’t have to worry about shipping logistics.

Panda bears are really important to the family and the cake design was taken from a t-shirt that the little birthday girl was going to wear at the party. (Check out the pictures of both the cake and the t-shirt.)


Inspiration for a cake really can come from anywhere.


When Lauren contacted me to order a rectangular cake with decoration based on a poster that really just had text on it, we never imagined how special it would turn out to be.

The cake was based on the poster for a documentary film called Helvetica.

Helvetica is an independent feature-length documentary about typography and graphic design, centered around this widely used sans-serif typeface of the same name. Directed by Gary Hustwit, it was released in 2007 to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the typeface’s introduction. (Thank you Wikipedia.)

As Lauren’s husband is a graphic designer, she came up with the idea to replace some of the letters on the poster with letters spelling out HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER..

The only thing she asked was that the font (Helvetica style) be spot on, as typography is Tanner’s big thing. Gulp. It’s a daunting task to please an expert by imitating something within his field of expertise.

Happy ending: Berliosca received the following message in an e-mail: The cake was perfect! Thank you so much. I had no idea it would be exactly like the poster! You are a fabulous cake designer. Many thanks. My husband was thrilled.

I wish I could brag about having the cool idea for this very original cake, but all the credit goes to Lauren.


Ms. Pumpkin & Mr. Squash


We always thought that Halloween would be the occasion for this type of design, but our first pumpkin cake was for an engagement!

Mr. Squash proposed to Ms. Pumpkin, she said yes, and they needed an appropriate cake to celebrate. During the consultation we were really tempted to ask for the story behind their pet names, but a little mystery is nice so we cannot tell you why.



Just to give you a better idea of the size of this cake, the board is 18″ X 18″ (45.7 cm X 45.7 cm). Huge.

Both real-size pumpkin and acorn squash were carved out of vanilla cake and milk chocolate ganache.