Cassie and Friends

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Cassie and Friends Cake


The people behind Cassie and Friends promote awareness of juvenile arthritis and raise funds for research, pediatric rheumatology programs, services, equipment, and events. Their team raised money at the Scotiabank Half-Marathon and 5K run, where I got to meet 4-year-old Cassie herself. (It’s always fun to hobnob with celebrities.)

After delivering Cassie’s cake to the Stanley Park finish line, I stayed to help serve it to the runners and guests at the Cassie and Friends tent. Unfortunately, nobody (including me) thought to bring plates, forks, napkins, or even a knife to cut cake with. Oops. Usually my cakes attend parties in homes or event venues that have kitchen facilities, so this situation has never come up before. This event, however, was in a public park.




We ended up using a Swiss Army knife to cut the first few slices before some good soul found us a regular kitchen knife. I felt strange serving cake from my hands (yes they were clean—I licked them myself) into the waiting hands of eager cake-eaters, but nobody seemed to mind. When people started coming back for seconds it became clear that napkins were unnecessary. We should have bragged about being environmentally friendly or something.

Photos by Maria Leticia Photography


  1. Maya Santos says:

    Chris, you rock!!! I had fun reading it and getting all the good memories back. See you on June 27th 2010 at the same place, with another awesome cake!

  2. It’s so nice to read the stories behind each cake!!!